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Specimen of the Month: Petrified from Wyoming to Drummond

Just over two months ago, I trekked over a much different landscape than today's muted, cold, sometimes slushy ground. It was less than a half hour east of Buffalo, Wyoming near the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains (or just shy of a thousand miles west of Cable, depending on your perspective). The lumpy hills of rust red to bone white made me feel like I was on the surface of Mars, if not for the yellow-blooming silver sagebrush and hairy gumplant obscuring the narrow footpath established at the Dry Creek Petrified Tree Environmental Education Area. The area felt desolate, dry, and in less than a mile my partner and I were baked in the heat. But I had forced the detour off the interstate to see petrified trees, and after our stop I was glad that I had done so.  Dry Creek was a chance find when scouting out trip locations,  and its obscurity made for a welcomed opportunity to  fully immerse ourselves in the experience of the landscape. It's hard to imagine a time tens of mil

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