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Following the Numbers

I'm always learning something new about the animals in our taxidermy collection!  After passing by a Peregrine Falcon mount on display in the hall for a few years, I recently decided to check into the bird's history using a small metal band I noticed below their ankle. This anklet isn't for aesthetics--federal bird bands are used on wild birds by licensed banders in North America to store valuable scientific information.  As I looked back into the Museum's catalog files, it didn't appear as if we had previously documented this history for the now-deceased falcon. So I used the inscribed code located on the band in the hopes of learning more about this bird's life. Any citizen can retrieve banding information--or as I like to think of it, another part of the bird's life story--as long as they're able to retrieve the 8-9 digit number inscribed on the band. One can then visit , plug in the band number and some quick information about thei

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