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YOUR Museum from Home

Who doesn't love hearing personal stories behind a fun rock, family taxidermy collection, or unknown thing? Most of us have at least one piece of nature sitting at home of which we get excited about sharing with others. Each of those pieces tell a story--of a day spent wandering the forest with a loved one, or a success in finding the final addition to a collection. Some of us display a trophy from a first hunt, or hold onto a piece of taxidermy passed down from a family member who is now gone.
I hear most of these stories as I interact with visitors moving through the Museum hallway. The halls have been quiet as of late, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to share those stories with each other. Let's create our own storybook of sorts, sharing photos and stories on our favorite natural history "specimens" on display at home. 

To start this off, I'll share this piece of amadou. This isn't a type of leather, or part of a plant. Amadou is actually …

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