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Freezer Find

Ah, the forgotten cache at the back of the freezer. I've often reached deep into the cold to find many a bagged vegetable or fruit rendered inedible after months, even years, of neglect. I take inventory of these frozen goods irregularly at best, but that same work ethic could spell disaster if applied to the Museum's salvaged animal freezer. That's why I was so surprised the other day to find a mysterious bag among the frozen birds and mammals.  Though this bag of intact egg shells was deposited before my time, I hadn't even remembered coming across it during my last couple years of cleanings. At least this was not another body of a bird. Their thin skin is notoriously susceptible to freezer burn, which does not lend well to the taxidermy process. The two, creamy-white eggs were roughly the size of a chicken's. From the paper slip inside, I read that they were collected from a pileated woodpecker nest back in 2017. I suspect this was as "cool" of a find t…

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